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[News] Culinary Puzzler Automachef Releasing Next Month for Nintendo Switch (and PC)

Challenging resource management puzzler Automachef will be releasing on Nintendo Switch™ and PC on the 23rd J

[News] Execute your foes in the Dark World of Blasphemous

Brutal, pixel perfect combat is coming this year In Blasphemous players take up the role of The Penitent One in the dark got

[News] Blades of Time: Classic Hack ‘n’ Slash gets a Nintendo Switch remaster with full-blown multiplayer support

Slice, Dice, Blast Away! Exploit Forcefull Melee Combos in Fast Paced Time Warping Combat Blades of Time, the time-warping Hac

[News] Intriguing puzzler, Automachef, to launch Summer 2019

New Game, who dis?! Get ready to build the kitchen of tomorrow, today*!!! *Not actually available as of today…… Te

[News] Super Mario Maker 2 launches June 28th

Early adopters to receive a snazzy stylus at launch* *Select retailers only, whilst stock lasts. Nintendo Switch owners c

[News] BoxBoy + BoxGirl Demo out now

More readily available than that damned amiibo…. The BOXBOY! puzzle series is coming to the Nintendo Swit

[News] SteamWorld Quest Hits Nintendo Switch on April 25th!

That’s really F word soon!!! The latest game from Image & Form, SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech, comes first to

[News] Rule the roost on April 3rd as Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing launches on Nintendo Switch

Take to the skies in Tribetoy’s Procedurally Generated Airship Adventure Tribetoy is proud to announce that its procedurally

[News] Mechstermination Force, a run and gun platforming boss rush extravaganza, launches April 4th

From the creator of Gunman Clive comes Mechstermination Force, a run and gun platforming boss rush extravaganza  Indepen

[News] Elden: Path of the Forgotten, a Lovecraftian Ode for Consoles and PC

Coming to a Nintendo Switch near you!! Onerat Games’, top-down pixel art action title Elden: Path to the Forgotten&

[News] Dystopian Roguelike Action Shooter, Black Future ’88, Coming to Nintendo Switch

Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer SuperScarySnakes have announced that Black Future ‘88, the 2D synth-p

[News] Kirby’s Epic Yarn getting the 3DS treatment

Remember the Nintendo 3DS?… Alongside the news that Yoshi’s latest adventure on Nintendo Switch is

[News] Yoshi’s Crafted World set to launch on March 29th

With all the chatter being about the possibility of a Nintendo Direct launching any day now, Nintendo of America really pulled

[News] Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is Switch bound

Final port of call Announced via Twitter at 14.00 GMT, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will finally be available to play on

[Review] This War of Mine: Complete Edition – Nintendo Switch

This War of Mine: Complete edition Developer : 11 bit studios Publisher : 11 bit studios Release Date : 27/11/2018 Review code

SwitchBlade – the accessory you never knew you needed

SwitchBlade The Nintendo Switch is the go to place for inventors and visionaries at the moment, as it’s momentum seemingly s

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