[News] New Super Lucky’s Tale release date announced

Climb, leap, burrow and explore in this lovable 3D adventure platformer! Playful Studios has announced that New Super Luc

[News] New Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair Trailer Showcases Unique Alternate Level States

In Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, players must rescue members of Queen Phoebee’s Royal Beettalion from Capital B

[PSA] Nintendad needs you

Join the best Nintendo site of tomorrow, today! Do you love Nintendo? Does the smell of fresh ink, or the frantic tapping of k

[News] Cytus Alpha: Collector’s Edition now available in Europe and Australia

Numskull Games is incredibly proud to partner with rhythm-action game masters Rayark Games (VOEZ,&nbs

[News] Layton’s Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the millionaire’s conspiracy Deluxe Edition launches November 8th

The game includes more than 40 new puzzles in addition to other new content and improvements, and marks the LAYTON series’ d

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 27/6/19

A Super Rare case of human kindness I didn’t want to touch on the tragic loss of life, of somebody so young as Etika, he

[News] New season of Smash Ultimate and Splatoon 2 European Championships announced

The inaugural tournaments will take place at gamescom this August, with the European Championships confirmed to continue into

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 26/6/19

Nintendad visit Nintendo Yesterday, our very own Brett Hill visited the UK headquarters of Nintendo UK for a post E3 demo of s

[News] Culinary Puzzler Automachef Releasing Next Month for Nintendo Switch (and PC)

Challenging resource management puzzler Automachef will be releasing on Nintendo Switch™ and PC on the 23rd J

[News] Rotating Action Platformer ‘Exception’ Combines 2D Action with a 3D World

Battle an insidious virus in a transforming environment to save Granny’s computer! Traxmaster Software today announced that

[News] Dr. Mario World heading to iOS and Android devices on July 10th

Pre-register now and be one of the first to play Nintendo’s mobile puzzler Players can pre-register now to be one of the fir

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 13/6/19

I am Error As the power went out at E3 yesterday, during Nintendo’s Treehouse presentation, Nintendo once again demonstr

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 12/6/19

Nintendo do what everyone else don’t – bloody good games. First up, a little recap from yesterday’s godlike

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 11/6/19

Gods & Monsters, a brand new IP from the team behind Assassins Creed, arrives on 25th February 2020 Source: Ubisoft E3 Pre

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 10/6/19

The Skywalker Saga set for the Lego treatment Due for a 2020 release, once the final movie has released and concluded the saga

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 9/6/19

Splatoon 2 set for one last hurrah Splatoon will host it’s final Splatfest in July with the theme Chaos VS Order. After

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 8/6/19

Yooka and Laylee return in an all new platforming adventure  In this new platforming adventure hybrid, Yooka and Laylee m

[News] Nintendad Presents: Yesterday’s news, today!! 7/6/19

Nintendo starts to show it’s E3 plans As the E3 2019 video game trade show rapidly approaches, Nintendo provided more de

[News] Pokemon Sword and Shield image overload

Galar looks gorgeous Size matters Jamie is the MVP Pokemon Master Free Camera Where the Wild Things are… Raid battles in

[News] Human Things, the company behind the ‘Genki adaptor’ tease new product.

Here at Nintendad Manor, we love a good start up, from the Switch Blades to the Genki, we’ve helped promote awareness fo

[News] Execute your foes in the Dark World of Blasphemous

Brutal, pixel perfect combat is coming this year In Blasphemous players take up the role of The Penitent One in the dark got

[News] Cadence of Hyrule given June release date

We here at Nintendad Manor are incredibly excited for what will surely be a hybrid hit this year, Cadence of Hyrule. In the la

[News] Thursday roundup

Better late than never, right? RIGHT?!! First up, Nintendo announced that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be getting Labo VR s

[News] Meowtroidvania ‘Gato Roboto’ pounces for a May 30th Switch release

The Purrfect Adventure? Developer Doinksoft and feline loving label Devolver Digital have announced that the cat + mech advent

[News] Cricket 19: The Official Game of the Ashes – “What’s New?” video released highlighting gameplay changes

Ashes to Ashes Ahead of the launch of Cricket 19: The Official Game of the Ashes for PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Swit

[News] All the info from the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct

Words. Because pictures are for nerds… During the Super Mario Maker 2 Direct video presentation, Nintendo shar

[News] Super Mario Maker 2 mini direct to air on Wednesday

Tune in for a roughly 15-minute presentation packed with information Tune in on Wednesday, 15thMay at 11pm (UK time) 

[News] Nintendo brings paid DLC to Tetris 99

Get your Big Block game on for a one time fee of $9.99 UPDATE: The third TETRIS® 99 Grand Prix event will be happening fro

[News] Blades of Time: Classic Hack ‘n’ Slash gets a Nintendo Switch remaster with full-blown multiplayer support

Slice, Dice, Blast Away! Exploit Forcefull Melee Combos in Fast Paced Time Warping Combat Blades of Time, the time-warping Hac

[News] Intriguing puzzler, Automachef, to launch Summer 2019

New Game, who dis?! Get ready to build the kitchen of tomorrow, today*!!! *Not actually available as of today…… Te

[News] Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Smash Ball Team Cup Finals 2019 head to Amsterdam

That controller though!! This weekend teams from all over Europe will duke it out at the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Europ

[News] Join the nemesis of Nintendad as BoxBoy! + BoxGirl! launches on Nintendo Switch

Qbby, Qucy and Qudy embark on new adventures for the first time BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!, the 2D puzzle-platformer featuring the tri

[News] Super Mario Maker 2 launches June 28th

Early adopters to receive a snazzy stylus at launch* *Select retailers only, whilst stock lasts. Nintendo Switch owners c

[News] New Steamworld Quest Trailer is live

One for the Gamexplain chaps… With Steamworld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech but a fleeting few days away, and reviews set to

[News] Cricket 19 – The Official Game of the Ashes release date revealed

Play along with the Ashes, or lead your team to ODI glory, from late May Big Ant Studios, in collaboration with the Engla

[News] Campfire Cook off DLC out today

Who’s ready for smore?…. Campfire Cook Off is available now! This DLC offers a feast of new content including chef

[News] Nintendo Labo VR – Out now!!

Combining the physical and digital gameplay of Nintendo Labo with basic VR technology, Nintendo Labo: VR Kit introduces virtua


GET CAMPFIRE COOK OFF AND MORE WITH THE SEASON PASS In this new DLC players will take a trip into the woods for cooking capers

[News] Mechstermination Force, a run and gun platforming boss rush extravaganza, launches April 4th

From the creator of Gunman Clive comes Mechstermination Force, a run and gun platforming boss rush extravaganza  Indepen

[News] Elden: Path of the Forgotten, a Lovecraftian Ode for Consoles and PC

Coming to a Nintendo Switch near you!! Onerat Games’, top-down pixel art action title Elden: Path to the Forgotten&

[News] Nintendo Labo VR Kit News Blowout

Experience Family Friendly VR with the new Nintendo Labo: VR Kit Nintendo Labo: VR Kit Ever wish you could be an underwater ph


Did someone say Cuphead? Nintendo of America has released a new Nindies Showcase video, further demonstrating t

[News] My Time at Portia Gets Console Release Date


[News] Leisure Suit Larry – Wet Dreams Don’t Dry coming to Nintendo Switch

Larry Laffer has been navigating the dating world of the 21st century for several months now, and he’s ready to settle down


Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is a unique first VR experience that kids and families can build themselves. Experience a new dimension

[News] Shape Your World With Claybook on Nintendo Switch — Coming March 12

Designed by team members behind the Trials series, Claybook will have you carving, balancing, and strategi

[News] Dystopian Roguelike Action Shooter, Black Future ’88, Coming to Nintendo Switch

Good Shepherd Entertainment and independent developer SuperScarySnakes have announced that Black Future ‘88, the 2D synth-p

[News] Romantic new My Time at Portia trailer drops

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY FROM MY TIME AT PORTIA! The new trailer focuses on the many unique villagers that you can meet, befri

[News] All the key points from the stellar February Nintendo Direct

SUPER MARIO MAKER 2 AND THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: LINK’S AWAKENING COMING IN 2019 In a new Nintendo Direct video presentation, Ni

[News] Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing Switch bound

Original PSVR release to receive all new content for free Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing is a single-player action-s