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[News] Ultimate Pro Controller Project

Aye Aye CPTN!! One of my absolute favourite things about this awesome Nintendo community is the magnitude of truly talented ar

Nintendad Presents – Pro Ergonomic Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

Nintendad Presents – Pro Ergonomic Grips for Nintendo Switch Joy Cons Here at Nintendad we love to help promote interest

[Interview] Human Things

Music to my ears One of the main issues that I’ve had with the Nintendo Switch is the inability to pair wireless headpho

[Interview] SwitchBlade creators Gravilogic

Meet the creators of your new favourite Switch accessory I recently reviewed and helped promote a new company, Gravilogic, cre

SwitchBlade – the accessory you never knew you needed

SwitchBlade The Nintendo Switch is the go to place for inventors and visionaries at the moment, as it’s momentum seemingly s