[Hardware Review] -BE Sport3 Bluetooth Headphones – NuForce by Optoma

BE Sport3 Bluetooth Headphones The wonderful people at Optoma UK kindly provided me with a set of the award winning BE Sport3

A week in review

The final countdown As the week draws to a welcome close, and the majesty of that most wonderful of things approaches, the wee

PowerA in the palm of my hands

Plugged in With PowerA With Smash Bros. Ultimate releasing in just 4 weeks time, it goes without saying that now is the time t

Link is on the case

Dawn of the 3rd Day – 24 Hours Remaining As wednesday swings into life, your friendly neighbourhood nintendad brings you

Nintendo Switch Release Calendar

I’m living in the future, so my present is my past, my presenceĀ is a present, kiss my arse Update : I have since starte

A quickie regarding plagiarism – LOTS OF SWEARS

CTRL + C, CTRL + V This weeks post is going to be very brief as my daughter woke up at 4 AM (not just stirred, fully awoke, re

Arsenal and Smash

Or as I like to call it, bashing your back doors in….   So the new season kicks off this weekend and after a summer

New York, New York

Start spreading the news A really brief one for you all this week. You see I’ve spent the past week writing up a blog po

Heatwave, AC and a Triceratops

Heatwave? More like HeatDave To all my UK readers, you might have noticed we’re currently in the grips of a somewhat fer

The Essentials

Clicking on the picture will take you directly to the product’s Amazon UK page, as if by magic.* *not actually magic. Th