Scoring Policy

The Nintendad Reviewing & Scoring Policy

Here at Nintendad we pride ourselves on our professional integrity and our ability to deliver honest, eloquent and well founded opinions on the products that we review.

I, along with every single writer who conributes to the site will endevour to  play any title that they review to completion. This is not however a requirement and so long as a game is played exstensively, and for a long enough time to get to grips with the fundemental aspects of the title in question, it is perfectly acceptable to conclude your thoughts and provide a concise and coherent analysis of the title in question.

At the end of each review, a score is provided along with, where possible, a family crest or coat of arms that is unique to the reviewer in question.

All scores are completely at the discretion of the writer who undertook the review and are never influenced by either the EIC of Nintendad or by the companies or studios who provided the review codes.




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