[Review] Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply – Nintendo Switch

Reviewed by minusthebrant

  • Developer: Chubby Pixel
  • Publisher: Chubby Pixel
  • Release Date: 25/10/2018
  • Price: £5.27 / $5.99


In most games it’s usually a bad thing when your character dies, but in Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply from developer Chubby Pixel that’s actually your goal. This is a standalone expansion to the first game Suicide Guy, and takes the same bizarre premise and ups the ante with more outlandish puzzles to solve. If you are turned off by the actual title of the game I completely understand as it is is a serious matter for many and overall Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply isn’t exactly a must play experience.


The story in Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply expands upon the first release and is almost as ridiculous as the title itself. You play as a large, overweight gentleman who likes to drink beer. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a nice beer, but in this instance he enjoys way too many and ends up falling asleep in which his beer begins to tip off of a counter.

If this doesn’t sound bizarre enough, the whole premise of Suicide Guy is to prevent your beer from hitting the floor and the only way to do that is to repeatedly kill yourself in your own dreams. Over and over again, you start off in a cafe area which is basically the hub area from which you choose the levels you want to participate in. Each level is represented by a dish on a table and they are numbered from one to twenty-eight. I found the story to be somewhat lacking in motivation to continue on, but you aren’t playing a game like this for the story.

Gameplay-wise, Suicide Guy does nothing particularly special, but is pretty barebones in execution. You are tasked with going through a level and solve a variety of short puzzles to try and find a way of ending your life. The puzzles, though incredibly simplistic, are quite amusing and creative in ways that I wouldn’t imagine. Your character can jump, crouch, crawl under low spaces, pick up objects, throw objects and even you can use a trigger to burp for no reason, although I think it does make you move faster.


Much of the early game is simple platforming and while adequate, is nothing to write home about. First-person platforming is hard to nail and while games like Dying Light perfected this type of platforming, most others have squandered what makes it fun. You can grab onto ledges by holding the jump button down, but this was mostly hit-or-miss and you’ll find yourself failing too often when it shouldn’t be your fault.

Some of the level designs can be strange as well, due to some of them being based on Nintendo classics like Mario. There are even levels based off of Mad Max and another which seems similar to Toy Story. Since this is a parody game of sorts and the main protagonist’s goal is to kill himself, I’m confused as to why Nintendo let this on their console, especially with some tasteless humor thrown in. 


The physics based elements did remind me of other similar titles like Gang Beasts or Human Fall Flat, but it doesn’t take advantage of such a strange premise and was meant to be taken as a tongue-and-cheek experience. More optimizing could have been been done to make the puzzles more enjoyable and I felt the silly solutions did not motivate me to continue on except for the purpose of this review.

Sound design and music are probably the stronger points of Suicide Guy, but still have their fair share of problems. The sound effects were irritating for the most part with the main character actually making these hideous noises with his burps sounds and other various noises that he makes. They weren’t great at all, but the saving grace was the musical score. Obviously inspired by the classic entertainment mediums from Mad Max to some Pixar movies, you truly do get some enjoyable songs to listen to throughout the levels.


Suicide Guy does not run at a consistent 30 fps and there were some instances of graphical glitching occurring. It looks average at best and the load times were too long, especially in handheld mode. There were some highlights where the graphical style works well, particularly on some of the themed levels, but unfortunately everything else looks rather bland.


Overall, Suicide Guy Sleepin’ Deeply is a competent puzzler that tries to take the insane Job Simulator mechanics, but makes them less fun and repetitive. The unfortunate premise is prevalent throughout your entire playthrough and as I played through each level I felt somewhat guilty. There will be an audience for this type of game, but there are better and less controversial options to explore on the eShop.

Gameplay 2/5
Graphics 3/5
Sound 4/5
Value for money 2/5

A shallow and somewhat forgettable experience with a bad title.


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