[Hardware Review] -BE Sport3 Bluetooth Headphones – NuForce by Optoma

BE Sport3 Bluetooth Headphones

The wonderful people at Optoma UK kindly provided me with a set of the award winning BE Sport3 wireless headphones to use alongside my review of the Genki wireless Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch. As a courtesy, I have reviewed the headphones that they so graciously sent me.

Technical Mumbo Jumbo

Model name – BE Sport3
Product category – Mobile
Product type – Wireless in-ear headphones
Connector type – Bluetooth 2.4Ghz
Bluetooth type – BT V4.1
Bluetooth profile – HSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2,
AVRCP 1.4, aptX, AAC
Codec – SBC, aptX, AAC
Driver type – Dynamic
Driver size – 6mm
Impedance – 16 Ohms
Battery life  – Up to 10 hours
Battery type – Lithium-ion battery, cylindrical
type, typical 3.7V/75mAhx2 pcs
Microphone sensitivity – -42dB
Frequency response – 20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity – 102dB +/-3dB at 1KHz
Power consumption – 18mA at A2DP mode,
speaker output 75dB SPL
Range – Up to 10m (33ft)
Weight – 0.015 (15g)
Cable length – 560mm


The BE Sport3 look like a solid if unspectacular unit. The actual speakers are made of aluminium, offering a little more robustness.

I found the power on button a little too small for my sausage like fingers, and there were a few occasions that I had to check where the button was to power the device on.

The BE Sport3 comes with a lovely little storage case that I thought was incredibly useful and not only kept my headphones safe, but also ensured I always knew where they were!!

Sound quality

The mid range and treble offered by the BE Sport3 is absolutely sublime. The sound is crisp and of a credible quality and made listening to some of my favourite artists an utter delight. The bass isn’t particularly great, but that’s not to say it’s poor either.

The noise isolation feature works really well. This isn’t noise cancelling, It won’t completely block out all background noise. But as the name states it does a really good job of isolating and minimising it.

Spoken word is clear and concise too, whether that be a podcast, audio book or phone call.

Speaking of phone calls, I solely used this as my speaking device for the entirety of the review and the results were flawless. Everything was clear and there was absolutely no latency of note, meaning conversations flowed and orders were place accused in a timely manner.


The battery life of the BE Sport3 is advertised as 10 hours on a full charge.

This probably wasn’t far off the mark as I recharged the unit once in the fortnight that I spent with the device.


The BE Sport3 wireless pairs effortlessly with all the devices I paired it with. These included my iPhone, Smart TV, and Nintendo Switch via the Genki Bluetooth adapter. As aforementioned, the purpose of this particular review unit was to test the prowess of the Genki and I’m delighted to say that the integration of the 2 devices was seamless and they married in perfect harmony. For more information on the Genki Bluetooth adapter, have a look at this article here.

On every occasion pairing was a painless experience and the softly spoken female voice always told me exactly what was happening, whether it was ‘pairing’ ‘powering off’ or whether the device was ‘connected to primary device’

After initial pairing, it remembered previously paired devices and connected to them every time.

The Be Sport3 are IP55 rated meaning that they are sweat, rain and dust resistant, making them ideally suitable for not only exercising, but also traversing in the wild English winter.

Another neat feature that the BE Sport3 offers is that of multi point connections. What this means is that you can connect to 2 devices at once, whilst only receiving sound from one. For example you could be listening to a pod cast on your laptop or tablet whilst also connected to your phone. Should a call come in you could then seamlessly switch to the phone, deal with your important business matters before going back to listening to your favourite people talk about things.

It’s a nice, somewhat luxury feature but it performs, much like the rest of the BE Sport3’s features, absolutely wonderfully.


Aside from quality of sound, one of the most important aspects of headphones, certainly in the case of in ear buds is comfort. The BE Sport3 comes packed with a whole plethora of different, interchangeable buds that can be swapped on the fly and offer something for everyone. There are also a few different styles of grip that offer more security when out for a run or at the gym.

Talking of the gym, I frequented the local gym wearing these headphones and found them to be both practical and comfortable throughout what felt like, at times, a battle.

The only instance where I preferred a set of cans was when watching TV late at night/early in the morning. For everything else these became my go to headphones.


All in all the BE Sport3 are an absolutely phenomenal pair of wireless in ear headphones offering affordability, performance and just the right amount of sass. A few design choices leave a little to be desired but not enough to be greatly detrimental to the final product. If you frequent the gym or are a keen runner these are ideal. Saying that, if you just want something to provide music during a brisk winters day walk along the seafront, you could do considerably worse than these.

Great entry level headphones offering
clear and lag free sound.
Lots of customisation options and fantastic battery life.
Buy the BE Sport3 right here

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