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Yesterday I brought you a light and casual option for protecting your Nintendo Switch. Today, together with the brilliant people over at PowerA, your friendly neighbourhood nintendad brings you a much more omnipotent offering.

If the stealth case is Windwaker, this is very much Twilight Princess, a protective older brother if you like.

What the travel case does is offer extra protection and a lot of style to boot.

I noted on a feature in my previous review and said how the case had 5 spaces for game card slots. This model has 9!!

As well as that, the design is so much better this time around and cartridges slide in and out of the case with consummate ease, whilst at the same time staying secured in place.

The entire top section of this case is a zipped mesh storage area, once again ideal for Joy Con straps, or even a spare set of actual Joy Cons. On opening it however I was surprised to find a screen protector, a micro fibre cloth and a set of ear buds complete with microphone.

Essentially this product is the go to travel kit for Nintendo Switch, I’ve personally owned a whole plethora of protective cases and this is hands down, head and shoulders above the rest of them.

The protection it offers means I can carry my Nintendo Switch around without a care in the world, I’d honestly have no hesitation throwing my Switch in the bottom of my bakpack if it were securely fastened in this case.

Travel Protection Kit For Nintendo Switch – Legend of Zelda

If you take your Nintendo Switch out of the house, I can’t think of a better case.

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