Legends awaken

Breath of the Wild – Stealth Case

By PowerA

The most striking thing about the Stealth Case is the artwork that adorns the outer shell. Much like the game itself, the art style is that of watercolours, put together with thick brush strokes. It’s a very attractive package and certainly from a visual aspect, scores very highly indeed.The inside of the stealth case has a clever little feature. By folding the middle piece, it creates a stand that you can rest your Nintendo Switch on.

This offers far more support than the flimsy kickstand that the console offers. As well as this, the internal flap offers even more practicality, with space to store up to 5 cartridges as well as a mesh pocket that can house a couple of Joy Con straps.

This case is suitable for light use, offering a little bit of padding and basic protection from the elements.

Overall, the Breath of the Wild Stealth case from PowerA is a decent entry level case for your Nintendo Switch. If you require something a little more robust, well let’s just say maybe you should check back tomorrow.


Click this very link to purchase the Stealth Case from PowerA ⬇️

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